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I. Love. This.

It is not often that I will actively ask y'all to go and buy someone else’s soaps. Not really good for business, don'tcha think? However this is a special occasion. This is for an amazingly good cause. So, go there, buy soap, come back and support our business too! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! God will surly bless you for your generosity.

And to put in a shameless plug for Ten Acre Woods, because I can. It is, after all our website. Our lazy summer days are coming to an end and we will be posting new soaps shortly so keep an eye out for those. We will be doing something a little different in the coming days. We will be keeping our best sellers in stock of course and then we will be doing some wonderful limited editions. Here once and then gone. The limited editions will allow me to use my creative juices while still keeping the soaps y'all love in stock.

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