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Don and Cory Penton

How we started

We retired to Bascom, Florida in 2010 on a beautiful eleven acre tract of land, ten of which are wooded and filled with amazing fauna and flora.  Never ones to rest on our laurels, we began to dabble in farming, growing and preserving our own foods.  


Due to a diagnosis of Lupus and severe chemical intolerance Cory began to research healthier ways to live, which led her to soap-crafting.  After filling a linen closet to the brim with handcrafted soaps and body products, Don suggested they begin marketing and selling their quality products.  After venturing into local markets, Ten Acre Woods was born.

Where we are now


In October of 2016 Don was diagnosed with cancer and we took our first steps down a long and scary road.  In mid 2018, we sold our beloved home and moved to Dothan Alabama to be closer to the medical facilities that Don required and our little business was put on hiatus.  At the same time a new, larger, and better equipt  soap shop was being built on our property to reopen the business.  Sadly, Don passed away in February of 2019 and the shop remained closed indefinitely. 

In the fall of 2019 I once again ventured into the shop and slowly finished the remaining work to ready the shop for production.  And in November I began to design and create soaps, bath bombs and all of our wonderful products once again.   

At Ten Acre Woods all of the soaps are made by hand in small batches of the finest ingredients from around the world.  This is done to ensure the quality of each batch.  Each batch is hand stirred, hand cut and hand wrapped.  Every bar is given a long cure time so when it reaches you it is mild and ready to use.  I hope that you love our soaps as much as we do.


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